Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Heavy Thoughts

I just read an article online. It can be found at http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/10/25/iraq.soldier.story.ap/index.html?section=cnn_topstories. Death surrounds us daily. The stories in the article are nothing new. Maybe I am just tired. Maybe I am just lonely. For whatever reason, tonight these stories reminded me that something about this life isn’t right. Something is out of place. Something is not as it should be. I long to throw off pain, evil, suffering, death–things that are as much a part of life as birth, breathing, and a beating heart. So why should I assume these things to be wrong while assuming love, happiness, and all the desirable elements of life to be right? If I am the current state of chance plus time (secular evolution), then who is to say that to breath is better than to suffocate? To love is better than to hate? To live is better than to die? If I am just a ball of meaningless subatomic particles then what I am just is. It can be assigned no value or lack of value. It just is.

However, I can’t live with this. I can’t treat death the same as life, hate the same as love, suffering the same as non-suffering. It just is not in me. It is not in anyone that I have ever met. Though I have heard of it in theory, I have never encountered it. And this fact presents a major challenge to any philosophical system or worldview that logically proceeds to this conclusion, i.e. Atheism and much Eastern thought.

I know this is a heavy tangent, but it was on my mind. What do you think?


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(lol, as seen on myspace)

Of COURSE you can't treat death the same as life, hate the same as love, etc....they're complete opposites. Like you said though, you already know that! Something about ordinary life is NOT right, and you can throw off pain, evil, suffering, etc. I'm not saying you'll never have predicaments, but you won't be so alone. Or scared, or anything else, cause death is no longer a factor you need to even think about!

I think you should check out this world-wide best seller by Rick Warren - The Purpose Driven Life, What On Earth Am I Here For?You may have heard of it, it's really just the pure-blunt truth that helped me sort through those kinds of questions about life in general, and my own. Plus it's short and easy to follow, and you will get so much out of it - no lie.
Just for a taste, Rick starts off pointing out the obvious that we all overlook.."It's not about you." Focusing on ourselves will never reveal life's purposes. He goes on to say "You are NOT an accident!" and "Everyone's life is driven by something."
I dunno, I hope you read it. I'm not much for books, but this one is a must-read.Another book that I read this summer when I was on Work Crew at a Young Life camp was Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller - it's really good too.

I'd love to talk to you more about it sometime, but it's your call, of course. I was just putting my thoughts out there...cause you asked! I so have the heavy tangents too, so I know how you feel. So yeah, write me sometime or IM me (jenngwcs31 - and i never really give that out, so smile!) and have a hug, they're kinda contagious *HUG*
And please get that book!! :)

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