Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Live Album Update

Okay. So it is midnight and I am so tired of mixing my live album tracks that I could…(loose my train of thought mid-sentence)…

Well anyway, I think what I was going to say is that this live album has been way more of a project than I anticipated. There’s always something else to be improved…be it the artwork, the mixes, or anything else. It’s like there’s no end. I’ve been working on it for a month and I’ve got an easy 100 hours invested in it already.

I’m still tweaking the mixes and as of last night we have cut “Rainy Nights” from the track list. I still have mixed feelings about that, but the general consensus from our focus group is that it is a weak point in the album. (I’ll finish mixing it anyway and throw it up on my website for people to download.)

Last Sunday we took a spontaneous right turn as far as the artwork goes. Dave (my roommate) was looking over proofs for the CD booklet, was very frank that he didn’t like what he saw, and offered to borrow a friend’s camera and help me take new shots later that evening. It was a long night and I HATE photo shoots, but I love what we got that evening. Dave is officially being credited in the album as the “project prolongator” (ok, it was funny at 12:00 Sunday night).

It stinks to get something that works, only to realize that you can do better, because whatever “better” may be, it always means more work. I’m grateful for constructive criticism though, and even more grateful for Dave’s help. (By the way Dave, if you are reading this, that’s the last nice comment you’ll get from me unless you quit sneaking upstairs and stealing my toilet paper…don’t think I haven’t noticed.)


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