Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Student X Finale

I fully intend for this to be my last entry regarding Student X. I know he has been a source of entertainment and a hearty smile to many of my readers and nothing short of that to me, but I would hate for any of these innocent stories to come across in a negative way and tarnish the reputation of the parties involved, especially since I truly hold all of them in high regard. Of course something may eventually happen that I must share, and honestly, I am pretty sure it will. But until then I will leave it at this.

The past few weeks have been the best yet (in terms of progress, not entertainment). He recently explained to me that I should sell my CDs at Target, “you’d sell a bunch of CDs there!” he paused and reflected, “but then you’d be rich and wouldn’t teach guitar lessons anymore….and…I’d miss you Beau.” I almost shed a tear...
Since then we have had a break through.

Yes, we still get off track, once or twice in regards to naming guitars (he calls his other guitar his “football” guitar, a natural balance to his “baseball” guitar…we have yet to settle on a name for my guitar). We have even plotted to smash all of our guitars right before we die…a fair compromise between my insistence that we never smash our guitars and his insistence that we smash them that very moment.

Overall though, we are making progress. We played through 5 new songs at our last lesson. He was so excited and would have gone for 6 had we not run out of time. Afterwards he insisted that I come out and corroborate his story as he relayed this great news to his mom. As soon as he finished his story and I concurred, he voiced his request for M&M’s from the candy machine in the lobby. His mother turned to me and in a dramatic tone that implied that she knew the answer but wanted to play as if she didn’t, she asked, “Does 5 songs deserve M&Ms?”

Following her lead I replied, “Yes, I think it does.”

With that I walked back to my studio, somewhat thankful that he got the M&M’s after the lesson and not before it and anxious to see what next week holds…


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