Monday, June 25, 2007

Summer Update

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of reflection, revision, scheming and planning. This Spring I did a minimal amount of shows (see my previous blog “exiting the fog”) and so I am refreshed and ready for a rigorous tour schedule in the Fall. (Which I am currently booking....focusing mainly on colleges....if you have ideas or connections email me at

As for the summer, I am working hard to get ready for the next step in this next album. I have been meeting with producers, writing songs, and getting geared up to have an album out in the late Fall.

As things move forward I will be getting input from all my friends and listeners as to the creative elements of the album....songs, artwork, even lyrics...this should be beginning in late July and you will be able to contribute to this online.

July will also bring about something else online that you might be interested in...I’m pumped, but I can’t give you details until it is all finalized...sorry, I know this is nebulous, but you will get an email about it soon if you are on my mailing list (go to to join).

Now that you have on update on me, I thought you might also enjoy this MP3. I recorded this last fall for the fun of it. I had a friend who was recording things as a project for college. We threw this together and I posted a clip of it when we were working on it, but only a few have had the final copy in its entirety.

It isn’t really where I will be going with my next album (as for production), but it might be fun to listen to. You can download it at

Catch you soon!


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