Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Tour 12.7.05-12.10.05

(Note: The views expressed in the following in no way represent the views of Beau Bristow or any other entity that might be held liable, especially concerning Italian Mafia names, Waffle house waitresses, and novelty water towers.)

Well, what can I say? It was great to be back on the road again. I took Thanksgiving weekend off and only had one gig the following weekend (which was cancelled), so I had been off tour (as opposed to “on tour”) for almost 3 weeks!

I began my adventures in Wilmore, KY last Wednesday, at Solomon’s Porch. I won’t comment on the coffee, but Wilmore in general is one of my favorite places on earth. It’s tucked away among scenic horse farms, and it centers around the campus of Asbury college and seminary (two separate schools, as the natives are sure to point out). I always have great accommodations in Wilmore (thanks Ande!) and usually get a great home-cooked meal (thanks again Ande!). It’s great to have friends on the road.

I woke up Thursday morning to snow flurries. That afternoon I drove 45 mph through snow and slush all the way to Florence Y’ALL, KY. The locals will know what the “ya’ll” is about (and you will too if you every look at the candy striped water tower off of I-75). Unfortunately, due to the snow, the show in Hebron (between Florence and Cincinnati) was cancelled and the “woman repeller,” as my Saturn station wagon has come to be called (thanks Matt), was covered in salt.

Kyle Cruz, his drummer Steven, and manager/friend Chris Fabriani were supposed to meet me in Florence. They were delayed in traffic, so I chilled at the library (nerd!) until they got in town. We spent the night at Chris’ house, since he is from Florence. It was butt cold (< 20°) and windy.

After sleeping late on Friday, we drove to Oxford, OH to play at Kofenya coffee house (one of the best coffee houses in the world and owned by 2 awesome gals of 21). We walked around campus until we had snot-cicles and then ate some top notch (for Ohio) Mexican food with Cara and Mi-Sun. (Chris, I still think Frankie Fabiani is a great name for a kid…no one would ever want a piece of that).

The show started at 10:00 and was great, but the highlight of my evening was the release of my live album, “Coffee Not Included.” It was scheduled to arrive that day so I had 50 units directly shipped to Kofenya. It was great to see the results of the past few months of my life right there before me. A lot of work went into the album and it was almost completely done by my manager and me. I highly recommend that you get a copy…of course.

We drove back after the show and hit the Florence Waffle House at about 2:30 that morning. This presents nothing to talk about in itself except for the fact that we saw the hottest Waffle House waitress ever, not that she was all that, but come on…it was Waffle House.

Saturday was the Lexington show at Common grounds Coffee House. It is one of my favorite places to play. The crowd is always great and it keeps growing. After dinner with some great new friends and a couple of old ones (or so it feels Lyndsay and Jenni), Kyle Kicked off the night with his set.

I have become a big Kyle Cruz fan. Great voice, great writing, great guitar riffs, and a great guy. You can find him on MySpace and I suggetst that you do. Kyle, Steven, and I did “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” together and then Kyle’s sister, who had driven up from Nashville graced us with her amazing voice. It was awesome and I wish we had saved it for the end because it’s tough to add anything after an act like that. After my set I hung around with my Georgetown friend Tiffany and new friend Ashley. I didn’t get to Nashville and my bed until 4:00 AM.

I can’t wait to do it again…


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