Thursday, September 06, 2007

TOUR JOURNAL: More Intense than 24

Last Wednesday I left Nashville at 7:00 for Rochester, NY with Rachel Carrozziere ( We arrived around 8:30 the following morning at her parent’s house, where we would spend the next few days as we played occasional shows and ate wonderful meals provided by various Carrozziere family members. (Seriously, it was amazing....I love this family.)

The first show was at Roberts Wesleyan College, followed by a chapel service, a radio show, and a coffeehouse over the next few days. We left Tuesday morning around 9:30 (EDT) for Cabrini College in Radnor, PA (shout out to Mary Kate and Ashley...not the ones from full house) for a show that afternoon around 4:30. We left there and drove all night to arrive in Nashville at 8:30 (CDT). That is 24 hours of continuous driving and shows....not as exciting as 24, but I would argue that it might be more intense (minus the explosions, guns, and terrorists).

The sad part of this whole trip was that I only took one picture the whole time. Recently I bought a digital camera so that I could give you a better picture of what my world is like....lot’s of good it does when I don’t use it!

On our route back to Nashville we did encounter a photo opportunity, disturbing as it may be, and since I had no other photos I felt it necessary to subject myself to the humiliation you see below....

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I didn’t notice it when we took the shot, but I just realized that “wendy” has a pretty broad set of shoulders and I’m pretty sure that is a man’s chest...almost as disturbing as the man’s face under that red hair....definitely motivation to get better pictures next time.

(Oh, and if you get a chance, click here to see Rachel in a recent commercial....the commercial was filmed by having Rachel ad lib for 30 minutes. The production company then selected the parts they wanted for the commercial. Rachel had no idea what parts they used until it was on air can’t fully appreciate the humor in this unless you see the commercial and are aware of the fact that she really has an Aunt Linda! I met her this weekend and I can’t see how anyone could say anything negative about her....gosh Rachel....)


Blogger Jeff Lash said...

I wondered what you might look like as a woman. Mystery solved.

9:27 AM  
Blogger burnshead said...

First of all, I've commented on your blog before, so you could have linked back to mine. And second of all, I told you about my blog before, and you said, "oh really, I didn't know you had a blog... I'll have to check that out".

So as you can see, there is incontrovertible proof that I told you about my blog.

But now that you know, I expect an abundance sarcastic comments and witty insight into my profound blog postings.

6:29 PM  

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