Monday, December 19, 2005

Tour 12.16.05 - 12.17.05

Tour 12.16.05 - 12.17.05

I hope to continue weekly updates of tours and life so you will know what is happening (as if anyone cares). Last week I began getting up at 5:30 AM (a big change from my previous rising time of 9:00). This is to get me back in the gym with my former roommate Eric. We worked out together all through college and I miss the early morning routine so I am getting back into it. We’ll see how long it lasts. It is tough to rise early in the week and play shows until late hours every weekend…coffee anyone?

As for the tour, the show on Friday was awesome! I love having a home crowd. Honestly it is a little nerve wracking because I know I will see these faces again and any failures on stage will linger with them. I have a hard time dealing with failure and the fear of failure. Once I get going though all is good. It is a great thing to see familiar faces smiling back or nodding with a song. It’s even nice to have people throw money at me…even if it is pennies….DUSTIN! (my cousin…he’s a hoot!)

After the show, I was exhausted, mostly from the previous week of getting up at 5:30 (I still haven’t shifted my night routine to get me to bed earlier) and so all I wanted was a bed. Sarah (Peacock) and I drove to Atlanta after the show to crash at her parent’s house. Needless to say, it was another late night.

Saturday was a trip. Sarah’s family was having their Christmas gathering. She warned me about it and said I didn’t have to go. But really now…free home cooked meal…I’d stand through fire and water for it! We had to get up a little earlier than I would have wished, but the food was worth it. (Special thanks to David for picking at the ham with me after the meal…it’s nice to have a partner in crime.)

Now Sarah’s family is…well…boisterous. They are of course super-nice and very hospitable. Sarah has two sisters, Laura and Rachel. All three girls are roughly two years apart and are so much alike that if one is talking in the next room, I can’t tell you which girl it is. It took me a little while to get accustomed to the dry sense of humor and high volume, but after a little while I realized that it is the same chemistry evident in most family gatherings (except for the slap on the butt greeting…which I didn’t receive…not that I’m complaining).

News flash! As I am typing this there is a dog peeing on the kitchen floor beside me. Crap! What are you thinking! Get back in your cage thingy...I can’t stand cute little peeing puppies.

Brandon (my benevolent friend with whom I am living since my lease ran up on 11/30) brought back a 7-week-old “Miniature” Chihuahua (just when you thought Chihuahuas couldn’t get any smaller) from his parent’s house on Saturday. It may be the cutest puppy I have ever seen, but is only partly trained. (btw, it just dropped a tootsie roll on it’s designated “poopy pad” so it is making progress)

Okay, now I have a mess to deal with and I totally lost my train of thought. Is this what it is like to have kids? Mom and Dad I give you my most sincere apology…and don’t expect grandkids anytime soon.

Have a Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa…

(note: since posting this blog, it has been brought to my attention that the dog is in fact not a miniature Chihuahua as such does not even exist…however I am leaving the blog as it is and will continue to use the term “miniature” Chihuahua because I like it…even though I will surely face an unprecedented joint lawsuit from PETA and the ACLU claiming that I have hurt the puppy’s feelings by using the word “miniature” in reference to it, thus hindering it’s growth and subjecting it to a self-fulfilling prophecy over which the poor thing had no control. Because of this I will be required to pay for counseling, therapy, and basic necessities for the duration of the dogs remaining life….to which my response is…”dogs taste good”…)

(of course you know I’m kidding…dogs don’t taste all that great)


Blogger al said... therapy...sounds expensive, especialy when you could just send it to china and have him on a platter. (maybe they do taste good)

Actually now that I say that, I'm not even sure if it's china that eats dog meat.....

I just stubled onto your blog today. I'm still in Colorado, I don't leave untill friday for I resort to mindless babbling such as this. Sorry.

I've been practicing a lot. I'm learning the guitar...did you know that? Well I'm not sure I'm actually learning, it's more like making things up.

Anyway I'd love to get your new CD sometime, I just don't have a credit card (at least not one that I should use). So I'll have to get it from you sometime. Sounds like things are going well, and that you've been playing at lots of cutos to you! I hope it continues, as I know that music is such a platform to all things real. But anyway I think I've babbled enough for now.

So I shall say adue...hmmm...I don't think that's spelled I guess I'll just say goodbye.

wish the best,

12:05 PM  

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