Tuesday, September 18, 2007

YOU TELL ME: Which T-shirt Do You Like?

As many of you know I am gearing up for a new album and have a few other projects in the works.

As some of these projects are coming together I will be asking you for your honest input, advice, and feedback. This is the first of these instances where I need to hear from you.

Below are 2 different t-shirt designs. We want to print one of them very soon. Basically I want to know which one you like the best. The style of shirt may change, so it is the actual layout, design, and color that you should focus on.

Simply comment on this blog and tell me whether you like A or B. (You are welcome to give the reason for your choice as well.)

T-shirt A
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T-shirt B
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Also, now that you have seen her work, I want to give a special thanks to my excellent graphic designer Gwynne Gardner! I asked her to describe herself and here is what she said:

"I'm a designer that's not afraid to get my hands dirty - creating collages with everything from pencil shavings to bottle caps to cut up pieces of old photos, and I have a unique style of creating that always begins with a sharpie, pencil, or paintbrush in my hand. I love color. If I had to choose a favorite color it would be blue, all shades, but I like to use every hue equally.
Nashville is the 10th city I have lived in. I love to travel and by seeing the world and what God has created it has inspired me to be a creator myself. Above all my wish is to glorify God with my art and if I can do that my soul sings."

If you are in need of some sweet graphic artistry, you should definitely check with Gwynne. Go to: www.gwynnegardner.com/gwynnegardner.




Blogger Jeff Lash said...

I would have to go with A. My reason: I think A gives you a better chance of selling to both guys and girls. Though I like both designs and think they are quite creative, I probably wouldn't wear B as a dude. That's just me though. However, it is a well known fact that girls buy more merch than dudes. So there ya go...I have managed to make a statement and then muddy it up a bit. Here's to being subjectively objective.

8:44 AM  

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