Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tuesday Update 07.25.06 (Superman, da blues, mad cow)

Tuesday Update 07.25.06

Okay, technically it is 1:20 AM on Wednesday! Thanks Whitney for pointing out that I missed my blog for Tuesday!

Honestly, I’ve been a little out of it. I just got in from seeing Superman Returns with my sister...there was only on other person in the theatre besides was a little eerie.

My movie thoughts:
1. Superman needed to be a little more masculine. I mean really, with oversized blue eyes he looked more like a little lost puppy from a cartoon than a superhero...go back and check out the comic books...there’s your real superman. (My sister is looking over my shoulder and disagreeing...go write your own blog!)
2. You can’t use actors from one superhero movie in another superhero movie! Lois Lane’s fiancé was clearly the character of Cyclops in all 3 X-men movies...I kept waiting for him to zap something...there was this tension for the whole movie between him and superman over Lois and I was truly confused...come on Cyclops! Jane Grey is way cooler than Lois Lane...(if you have no idea what I am talking about then you need to invest more of your life reading anmimated magazines where the characters talk in little bubbles)
3. We got to the theatre just in time to see the preview for a new animated movie about a partying cow or something to that effect...I think it was called Barnyard...Anyway, it had a clip of this cow jumping off a diving board into a lake and yelling “man-a-bunga!” Honestly I don’t know whether to find this clever or disturbing, but anything that ridiculous needs my money more than I do so I vow to buy a ticket for this movie on its opening weekend even though I have no intention of actually watching it.
4. I just realized that I have been negative in the previous 3 points, so I feel the need to be positive: I am positive that there will be a sequel to Superman Returns....I’ll be watching for Superman Returns Again in 2008.

Moving on from the movies, I want to let everyone know that I was in the studio Saturday and laid down 3 songs which will be released first to my street team (for free!) and eventually made available for the rest of the world. They sound great and I am really excited! Two of the songs are new, and one doesn’t even have completed lyrics! You can get on my street team at if you want to get in on this. The first track will be out by September!

Another cool thing from the past week was my jam session in a Petro in Kentucky last Monday. I was coming home from Louisville and I pulled into the truck stop to get a coffee. While I was in line I noticed an older black man playing one of the cheap acoutic guitars for sale at the front of the store. He was laying down a couple of blues licks and something possessed me to grab one of the guitars and give him some chords. All he said was “alright man” and we were off. We traded some good blues in A for about 10 minutes before management told us to buy the guitars or quit. It was a blast. I haven’t had that much fun playing in....well, 48 hours since the recording session on Saturday, but it was still so much fun to play just for no reason...even for an audience of 2 truckers and one angry manager...
I could tell you more: about the big rig that had a blow-out right in front of me or how I was almost run over by a wild taxi driver...I could talk a lot, but I need my sleep so I am off to bed.

Sorry for my tardiness on this won’t happen again...much...

Watching the ground rush to meet me,



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