Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tour 2.1-2.4.06 - 100K, An Epic Ended, and Mucus Galore

(Disclaimer: I’m sleepy, sick, and not really this pompous or materialistic…at least I hope not…)

I wasn’t looking forward to this weekend; I had been fighting a cold since last Monday. Regardless of this, I had been working solid all week, and the thought of singing through a sea of snot and driving over 1,000 miles…well, it wasn’t enticing. Still, this is how life goes, and the show(s) must go on…

I began in Nashville on Wednesday, opening for Josh Wilson ( If you are uninitiated, go check him out! It was a fun show for a home crowd of friends that I haven’t been able to spend much time with recently (oh the glory days of the Canada trip…inside story/joke). I’m glad I had the chance to do the show (though I left my tip jar and still haven’t gotten it back).

Thursday saw two monumental milestones in my life:

Number 1. My Saturn wagon, which I bought last June with 75,000 miles on it, rolled over 100,000 miles on my way to Cleveland for a show that night. I had been planning on watching it roll past the big mark and celebrating by totaling the car and getting the insurance money…I looked down at 100,005.4….I was ticked. I drove all this time and missed it…so change of plans….I’ll just crash my car into the next Bluetooth-earpiece-wearing, Gucci sporting, cutting me off and not even using a signal, music-business-punk in a BMW that I see here in Nashville…I should have the insurance check by Friday…

Apart from my failed plans of insurance fraud, my plans for a big fan-base in Cleveland have fallen short as well. I’m not giving up, but for the love, does no one there listen to music? (If you were at the show, you are the rare and cherished connoisseur of quality music…bless you.)

Milestone number 2 happened on the way back to Nashville that night. I have been doing the audio book of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace since last September. I listen to it whenever I am on the road alone, and it has taken this long to finish it. I was so attached to the characters and the 15 year chronology of the story that ending it was like having a friend move across the world, never to be seen again…(insert tear here)

Friday, I picked up Sarah, and we drove to Atlanta in 3:20…(I’ve contacted Guinness, but he hasn’t gotten back to me yet.) We were on our way to Athens and we got in 4 hours of my new audio book…J.M Roberts’ History of The World. This will no doubt be an epic as well, and my mind is being continuously stretched to take in the flood of information as I am zipping down the highway. (Mel Brooks’ version was more easily digestible…though a little stretched…still, “the inquisition, what a show”….you’d have to see it)

To make a long story short, Athens and Clemson went well. I must have produced a quart of mucus per hour all weekend, but I managed to sing through it and am now feeling a little better. I also rolled over 101,000 miles on my way in on Sunday…1,000 miles this weekend!....if only it were dollars….

Well, that’s about it for this wait! One more thing. Sarah and I were interviewed for the Auburn Plainsman and the Georgia Red and Black. The Auburn interview was conducted in a noisy bar, which accounts for how I was misquoted as saying “teen stuff is good to listen to” (Or maybe someone slipped something in my water…either way it was great article Kevin!) Nevertheless, it cracks me up. I’ll post the links on my “Links” page, but they are below as well.



Auburn Article:
"Indie Artists Shine Together" in the Auburn Plainsman:

UGA Article:
"Warm Up With Peacock, coffee" in UGA's The Red and Black:


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