Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"Hookers and Loose Change" Tour 2.10.06-2.11.06

Crazy….I’ve been running blitzflickin solid for 4 weeks now, but here’s the latest.

Friday, Feb. 10, 2006, 12:00 PM. Java City Coffeehouse on campus at WKU in Bowling Green. Sarah and I traded off songs for an hour. There was a high-pitch tone in the system that drove me nuts! It was right around 18-20K, basically the highest pitch that the human ear will register. We acted like it wasn’t there, and honestly, if no one pointed it out and you didn’t hear the contrast of the system being off, you wouldn’t notice it, but it was there, and very much so. It held open a gate on my compressor….intense.

We left for home in the wintry mix that was predicted to turn to snow. Nashville was under a winter weather warning….4-6 inches!…..It rained all night. I laughed the next morning when I woke up…James Span would have gotten it right…(Birmingham natives know what I mean).

Saturday we drove to Owensboro, KY to play at the Brother’s Pizza. It was a great evening. If you haven’t heard Brooks Ritter…don’t….every other voice you hear from then on won’t be good enough (but in case you have to know it’s www.brooksritter.net). PW Gopal was definitely on top of his game as well (www.pwgopal.com). Two great guys, two great voices.

The ride home was snowy this time. Sarah (who was on this gig with me) and I had to pass through 3 tollbooths on the Natcher Parkway to and from Owensboro. I was so tired of tossing away all of the loose change from the console in the woman-repeller that I got in the habit of honking at every booth (fyi, I’m totally out of change now). I must have been tired because I soon became amused by the sound of the woman-repeller’s horn and found myself honking a little too much.

Just north of Nashvegas, I ran over a wheel (some call them rims….incorrectly). The way it was lit up made it look like a plastic grocery bag, so I paid no attention to it, at least until it was spewing forth sparks from beneath my car. After dragging it a short way it broke loose, but was enough to warrant a quick stop to check for damage. Fortunately there was none, but after departing again I missed my turn getting back on the interstate. After kicking a doughnut in an abandoned gravel parking lot I backtracked, and on the way I passed a Hooker (why did I capitalize that?) and of course honked…

So there you go. I’ve always wanted to title a blog “Hookers and Loose Change.” Now I have.

This week I’m tour with Kyle Cruz…watch out…


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