Tuesday, October 02, 2007

CHECK THIS OUT: Rubber Hammers and Lost Nails

In August I helped a friend install some hardwood flooring in his house. It was my first experience doing this, but by the end of day one I was moving pretty fast. To install the flooring I would lay down one strip of hardwood, bang it in place with a very heavy rubber mallet, and then secure it with a nail gun designed specifically for this purpose.

On the third or fourth strip of flooring for day two, I made an error I will not soon forget. I set the strip in place with my left hand instead of my foot as I had been doing previously. When I swung to hit the flooring with the mallet and make sure it was snug with the previous piece I landed a direct blow to my finger where it lay across the corner of the flooring.

The newly opened space under my fingernail was already glowing with read and blue blood when I finished wincing at the blow and opened my eyes. It throbbed with pain, but went a bit numb and stiff, and eventually I just ignored it and kept working. When I got home that night I drilled two small holes in the top of the nail with a razor blade to drain the blood and puss (wow that is grotesque).

That was Friday. As I played guitar at a church on Sunday, I could look down to see small drops of puss running out of the holes I drilled in the nail (even more grotesque).

Eventually the dead nail began to pull free from the skin that once held it and supplied it with life, to whatever degree one can say that a fingernail has life. I finally cut most of it off and here is a picture of what remains.

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