Friday, November 09, 2007

CHECK THIS OUT: Videos! Two of them.

I just wanted to let you guys see a couple of videos that you might enjoy...or laugh at.

The first was thrown together by my friend Kevin Sparkman for a show that I played last month at a new venue here in Nashville called The Loft. Kevin manages this venue, which is located on a 5th floor rooftop in downtown’s awesome!

The video is just a bunch of clips he got from me and from a couple of videos’s pretty funny and got a good laugh from the crowd that night.

The other video is the only recorded version of my song “Crazy.” It was recorded last Spring for a friend of mine as part of his Senior thesis. It was during the time in my life when I wasn’t sure I would be continuing music and had just lost love in my life....which explains the disheveled appearance and facial hair....I promise to take better care of myself in the future :)


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