Tuesday, October 16, 2007

TOUR JOURNAL: Louisville and Bloomington 10/12-10/13

Last weekend I was back on the road for some shows.

You may have noticed that I haven’t had many shows on my tour schedule lately. That’s because I was traveling to trade shows the 2 weekends before last and will be doing so again for the next 3 weekends. It is part of my involvement with an organization called the National Association For Campus Activities (NACA). This is how I have been booking college shows.

In addition to this I am focusing on writing and preparing for my upcoming album, which I begin recording in November. I have really been missing the opportunity to perform lately so it was nice to get back out in the old tour bus (well, white station wagon) and make some music.

Last Friday I played in Louisville, KY with Brooks Ritter, an old friend, and Jamie Barnes, a new friend. There is a coffeehouse / wine bar downtown and close to the river in Louisville that you must check out if you are ever close. It’s called Blue Mountain Coffee House, and was a really cool place to play. There was an aquarium built right into the bar directly in front of where I was playing...that in itself is enough to make me go back.

Also, you probably haven’t heard of Brooks Ritter yet because he is a Kentucky secret right now, but I am hoping to have him on more shows with me in the future. Great guy, great voice. Sorry ladies, he just got married.

On Saturday night I played for a sorority fundraiser in Bloomington, IN. Alpha Gamma Delta of Indiana University was hosting their annual Teeter-totter-a-thon to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes Research. They had 2 teeter-totters set up and someone was teeter-tottering constantly from noon to midnight.

My friend Sarah set things up to have me come in with some music later in the day. It was one of my most memorable shows thus far! I was set up on the lawn in front of the sorority house with 2 construction lights for lighting. It had a very laid back, indie feel and I had a great group just hanging out on blankets right there in front of me. The night was cool but not cold and there was this really huge tree that ended up making a sweet backdrop.

I have a couple of photos so you can get a feel for things (thanks to Sarah). If you want to see me teeter-tottering then there are more photos tagged on my facebook profile.

(If any of you girls know how much money you raised, please leave it in a comment so I will know!)


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