Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Student X (1.24.06)...The Chessmaster

Okay, I felt the need to share this. (I promise it is accurate. I added the metaphor to help you understand the strategic war that we wage.)

I have been using my Gibson Les Paul to teach lessons and so I had it in my studio yesterday when student X arrived. After wrestling his guitar from its case he sat down and looked at me as if to ask “your move or mine.” It’s like a game of chess…I went first.

I asked him where his music book and CD were, the ones that I had asked him to bring last time. His move was to promptly change subjects.

“H-H-Hey,” he quickly interjected. “That’s a nice guitar.”

Just like that he had taken one of my pawns.

I tried to say thanks but was cut off.

“I’ll give you $500 dollars for it.”

“I don’t think so,” I responded kindly, knowing that not only was this way too little, it had nothing to do with our lesson. It was a swift move with my Knight.

He countered. “How about $1,000?”

I moved a Bishop to take one of his pawns.

“It’s not for sale.” I said, sure that I had ended the conversation. He wouldn’t give in so easily.

“I’ll give you 30 million dollars!”

I was stunned, caught off guard. He had taken my Bishop and now my Rook was cornered.

“You don’t have 30 million dollars,” was all I could come up with. It just delayed the inevitable. He took my Rook.

“I’ll borrow it,” he arrogantly replied.

I could feel myself being backed into a corner. So I reached for my Queen in an act of desperation.

“You can’t pay back 30 million dollars! You’ll be in debt the rest of your life!” The quiver in my voice betrayed the uncertainty of this move.

He didn’t even have to think. It was like he had been planning this all along. I had just walked into it. There was just one more move to set up.

“No I won’t,” he proposed.

“Why not?” I countered.

“Because I’ll kill the people that loan me the money,” he said with a smile, anticipating the climax of his scheme. He turned and pointed at my guitar.

“Then I’ll play that guitar at their funeral.”



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Blogger al said...

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What I was trying to say...

was that your store made ma laugh and that's cool. put that kid in line!!

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