Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Tuesday Update 08.01.06 (Lulu's, High School English, going platinum)

Tuesday Update 08.01.06

AHHHHHH! It’s Wednesday! Yeah I know I’m a day late, but I’m still calling this a Tuesday update...and for good reason.

Yesterday was wild. I slept 4 hours Monday night, drove 7 and ½ hours from Nashville, TN to Gulf Shores, AL on Tuesday and then played for 4 hours at this amazing bar/grill/marina called Lulu’s. It was intense. I did get a 20-minute nap on the office floor there at the marina before the show, so with a little coffee I had all I needed to get through the show. In fact it was awesome!

I sold 47 CDs! I was blown away. The highlight was looking up during my 3rd song and seeing my high school English teacher in the audience! How crazy! She was on vacation and dropped in to see me. I wish I could have seen the look on my face when I saw her!

At the end of the show a little girl came up to me and said she wanted to buy a CD on one condition: that I play “Sweet Home Alabama.” What could I say! Most people had already cleared out and things were closing down so there I am standing at a table and playing “Sweet Home Alabama” unplugged for a few grateful Crimson Tide fans. Good times, good times.

Last weekend was a great weekend as well. I played in Louisville, Springboro (OH), and Lexington. When I play in Lexington I stay with friends in Wilmore, KY. It has become like a home away from home. All of my friends there wrote notes welcoming me “home” and put them on the door to the room where I sleep. We all went canoeing, hiking, and swimming on Saturday before my show in Lexington. It was a blast! I did get a little’s starting to epidermis is just falling’s a bit disconcerting...and gross...

On a more somber note, we (my manager and I) have been trying to get into NACA (National Association of College Activities) showcases. We got word Monday that we were once again rejected. Not fun to swallow. We were already rejected for one, but we were still listed as first alternate for that one, which was at least re-assuring. The most recent one didn’t even give us that much. Oh well, keep moving Beau!

So that is a glimpse into my life for the past week. I am sitting in a coffeehouse in Mobile writing this and getting some much-needed work done. Thanks so much to everyone who has shown me hospitality in the past week. I have stayed with great friends and I appreciate all of you greatly!

On the move,



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