Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tuesday Update 08.08.06 (wow this is random...)

AHHHHHH! It’s Wednesday! (wait that’s how I started my last TUESDAY update....this is getting sad)

Okay, I confess. I tend to overlook things like “Tuesday Updates,” birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, my sleep needs, doctor appointments, basically anything that is fixed to occur in the space-time continuum.

It is really strange. Scary even. Since I have been touring consistently, I don’t have a routine and therefore I have no idea when one week ends and another begins. Ask me what day it is, and I will be doing well to tell you what month it is.

That being said, please forgive me if my Tuesday is your Wednesday. I mean really, if we all agreed that today is Tuesday, would it not be Tuesday?,,,or would it? Hmmm....this could be a really fun conversation....

Anyway, I am about to leave for FL again. The sun is out, my audiobook is ready to go, and no I’m not showering today because I’ll be the only one around me for the next 8 hours. (why am I telling you this?)

Here’s a slightly funny story for you: Picture Santa Clause. White beard. Rosy cheeks. Round belly. Now feed him steroids and put him on a Harley. Now imagine him in the gym with a lifting belt, boots, and a sleeveless shirt. Now imagine that he is lifting weights and asks this scrawny, white, red-haired musician (okay, that would be me) when I will be finished using the attachment I am using on the cable pull-down machine. Next, picture me getting finished with the attachment and in an act of kindness taking it to him on the other side of the gym and then without even thinking saying “merry Christmas.” Now imagine angry Santa... True story. Happened yesterday (Tuesday for me, Monday for you).

Wow, this was a pretty random update. I must be losing my blitzflikin mind.

Tune in next week.


P.S. I have two full band shows later this month! 8/24 and 8/25! Spread the word. This is a rare event.


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