Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesday Update 08.22.06 (Da Burns, Salsa, “Don Gato”)

Tuesday Update 08.22.06 (Da Burns, Salsa, “Don Gato”)

Okay, it’s currently 11:30 PM and once again this Tuesday blog is going to be more of a Wednesday blurb....

The fact is that I have been so busy booking and getting things ready for upcoming shows that I just don’t have time to blog like I want. Speaking of upcoming shows, I am taking the Beau Bristow Trio for a test drive this weekend in Georgetown and Bardstown, Kentucky. This will be the first time I have played with a backing band in over 2 years! I am excited to have the talents of Lee Holland (drums) and Caleb Mundy (bass) behind me. We had one rehearsal yesterday and we will go for one more tomorrow....only 2 rehearsals....can we pull it off? Come find out if you are close by!

At this point I feel I should introduce you to my long-time friend and manager Matt Burns. We were college roommates for 3 years and almost 18 months after college. Over that time he picked up nicknames such as Burns, Mad Matt, Coach, and my favorite ‘da Burns. (Bonus points to anyone who can tell me where the last one came from...hint: “da bears”...)

Someday I’ll have to tell you about how we went backpacking and it snowed on us and it was so cold that the water splashing against the banks of Kentucky Lake froze to my pants instantly, or the time we built a wall of cinder blocks in front of our neighbors’ door (those girls never appreciated the genius behind that prank), or the time we pulled up 50 campaign signs and stuck them in the yard of our on-campus housing (and the fact that he did this in a Karate suite), or the semester he stayed in our on-campus housing after he graduated (one semester before me) because residence life never put someone new in his room (he had to move all of his things out 3 different times because of inspections or other things that would have blown his cover...still not sure how pulled it off).

I could tell you about the time we went to his parent’s house in Minnesota for thanksgiving and we somehow ended up in Indiana, a whole hour off course! I could then go on to tell you how we took back roads through a blizzard to get back on course in Illinois. I could tell you about the time I duct-taped his cell phone to the wall in our living room, and how hard I laughed when I was awakened from my sleep by the vibrations it sent through the wall and up to my bedroom as he called his phone to find it (and the ensuing phone call to me to say “I hate you,” all in good humor or course).

I could tell you about the time I shot him in the neck, point-blank, with a mini-marshmallow out of a 10 foot piece of ½ “ PVC pipe, and then how he poured all of 2 quarts of water in my bed in retaliation (it was an accident, I swear....). I’ll never forget his reaction (think Arnold Schwarzenegger) when our water pipe burst one winter and 5 campus security officers and 2 maintenance men stood there looking at the water pouring from our ceiling while one poor guy ran round like crazy to shut the water off. And honestly Burns, if you are reading this, I’m still not sure how you got the salsa on the ceiling....

Having said all of this, our meetings as artist and manager are surely not the norm. Just to give you an idea, we generally meet and start off on course to get a lot done, but by the end we are tired and delirious. For instance, if you hade been there at our meeting tonight you would have heard:

“Before we commit blasphemy, let’s turn off wireless.”

“Let the chips fall where they may...and we’re hoping for salsa.”

“Goodwill doesn’t sell in bulk!...goodwill sells in dirty, skanky worn for 30 years...”

What does any of this have to do with any semblance of a professional career? Well, I guess you would have had to be there.

That being said, be sure to add Matt (http://www.myspace.com/flintentertainment) as your friend (and make certain you read his “sounds like” section on his profile....priceless).

I know this has been a little bit of a tangent, but I really wanted to share a little about the friends that help keep this thing going.

Before I wrap this up, if you are starting school soon, good luck! I hope your semester goes well and that I end up in your city soon!

Now, I saved the best for last:

It has come to my attention that I need a mascot, and in fact, Burns and his wife Stephanie have a new kitten. His name is Linus, which I like a lot, but in a startling coincidence it was recommended that I get a mascot and name it “Don Gato.” Now I have been told that “gato” is Spanish for “cat,” so it seems only appropriate that I now introduce you to the new member of the Beau Bristow team: Don Gato!

Have a great week!



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