Wednesday, February 06, 2008

CHECK THIS OUT: That Dumb Tourist...Beau in NY

Yesterday I had the day off and was between a show in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire so I took my friend Kelli Myer (in New Jersey) up on her offer to show me around New York City the next time I had the chance. Kelli is the one responsible for all of these great photos. Thanks Kelli!

I met up with Kelli after she got out of class around noon and we took a train into the city and started off with lunch in the “Little Italy” district.

We snapped this shot on the walk from the subway to where we ate. The “Beau Label Corp” must be awesome...though I’m still not really sure what it is they do.

After lunch and another ride on the subway, we walked through central park and then down 5th Avenue.

And that’s when I saw it.....the Apple Store.....

We only had a few minutes in Heaven before they made us leave...I’m still not sure why...

Oh and by the way, those Macbook Air’s are really portable.

As we exited the Apple store we found ourselves outside of FAO Schwartz.

I had a brief encounter with a Lego Darth Vader....

And then I lived a bit of a childhood dream....this is ridiculous....

Tonight I am into New Hampshire and tomorrow it is Boston (humming “More Than a Feeling”).

Hope you guys are liking the new tunes!



Blogger burnshead said...

nice light saber.

... um... i'm NOT hitting on you.

7:39 PM  
Blogger Jeff Lash said...

Gee...I wish I didn't have a real job so I could battle Lego Darth Vader and slide laptops into my coat.

And yes...Burns is hitting on you.

7:41 AM  

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